<!-- TITLE: about/en --> <!-- SUBTITLE: [WIP] Terms about "mstdn.maud.io" --> > 日本語版が必要ですか? [/mastodon/about](/mastodon/about) をどうぞ! {.is-info} # Terms about "mstdn.maud.io" ## Get started You MUST read https://mstdn.maud.io/terms . This is mastodon's basic terms/privacy policy, but it is very important. This page has terms about "mstdn.maud.io" (our server). ## Prohibited actions - DO NOT create account for Advertising or Promotion - DO NOT toot about illegal behavior in Japanese law - DO NOT Toot includes spamming/annoying link - We won't allow ads about dating/escorting services and furniture - DO NOT harm servers and users - ex: Send massive follows/favs/boosts/replies If you violates this rules, you will get banned from our server. ## Sign up - You MUST read this page before sign up. - We're using Google reCAPTCHA (v3) to block automated registration. - optional: You can read [Google's Privacy Policy](https://policies.google.com/privacy). - **You MUST use valid e-mail address to register**. - Mails from `mail〄mstdn.maud.io` : sent from our Mastodon sevice. You'll recieve e-mail to complete your registration, reset password, or warn you something. - We perhaps send e-mail from `admin〄maud.io` too. - DO NOT use disposable/temporary e-mail address service. - Some domains have already blacklisted - We don't recommend using e-mail address provided by "Outlook.com" (formerly "Hotmail/Windows Live Hotmail") to register - because sometime they block our mail by their policy - If you haven't recieved e-mail around 12 hours after registered, contact us ## Delete account - You can request about delete your own account. - In most cases, we accept your request and delete your account immediately. ## rules about "bot" - MUST set Post-privacy setting to "Unlisted" or "Private". - MUST NOT post in "Public" - DO NOT follow/favs/mentions to other accounts actively. - MUST comply other rules in this page. ## Relays This server connected with these Relay-server: > [YUKIMOCHI Toot Relay Service](https://relay.toot.yukimochi.jp/) ## Others - Use "NSFW (Not Safe for Work)" flags if you post ecchi picture ## Contacts You can send PM/DM to admin. Choose trustworthy connection for you. | service | username | |---:|:---:|:---| | Mastodon | [hota@mstdn.maud.io](https://mstdn.maud.io/@hota) | | Discord | [hota#4982](/discord) | | Twitter | [@lindwurm](https://twitter.com/lindwurm) | | Mail | [admin@maud.io]() |